ROMOKO illustrator, muralist

immersive installation Centro Arte Alameda 2021

As part of the second commemoration of 18-O in Chile, Centro Arte Alameda presents "La Animita. El Golem", a work created in the ruins of the cultural centre located at Ground Zero.

For three months I worked on an installation located in the Central Hall of Centro Arte Alameda, which represents a classic Chilean tradition known as those small memorials placed in a public place where the death of a person occurred. The work uses this symbol to commemorate and pay tribute to the cultural centre that was set on fire on 27 December 2019 and which is still under investigation, with no one to blame.

Animita is presented in a hybrid format with combined techniques that brings together muralism, sculpture, mapping by the artist, a culinary offering by Martina Knittel (@despensadelraton) and performance with sound by Drigo (@soundofku) and a poem by Günen (@raimundonenenvillarroel).

"In 2021, almost two years later, a being rises from the ruins that claims to be, at least, close to the representation of this soul. It is large, but still quite shy and immobile; like the golem of old, it still lacks the breath, the magic that makes it walk. It has grown from the remains of this place, from the wooden planks that once protected this place from the worst. It gathers and seeks itself, grows and thrives, rises above itself, bursts at the seams. In the heart of this city, but invisible to the deaf eye", comments the artist who has been living in Chile since February 2020.

In this way, Centro Arte Alameda seeks to partially and symbolically heal the destruction and violence to which the cultural space was subjected.

Due to the structural situation of the building that housed Centro Arte Alameda for almost three decades, the work cannot yet be opened to the public, however, it can already be seen online on social networks and in the Central Hall of The video was made by the audiovisual and journalistic team of the cultural centre.

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