ROMOKO illustrator, muralist

Chapter II: La Procesíon — immersive installation

Collaboration with the fantastic Sophie Le Meillour

Immersive installation during “LaVallée de l'image festival”, in LaVallée art gallery, Brussels, April 2019.

Visitors were invited to lounge in the middle of a smoke filled room. For six minutes, light projections were mapped upon the 6 soldiers on the left and the ‘Mamasita’ at the center, dancing between them.


Having been born, the creature sets out to replenish its energy. “La Procesión” is the next chapter of the story. A different place, different characters but with the same universe. The mystical cultural civilization has started moving out of the mud and the dirt and into geometrically shaped constructions, with what appears to resemble a religious altar.

The creatures have evolved into a civilization, organised and coded in their own dress. The allure of the unknown has tempted them to march, on the quest for their own identity and the everlasting search for meaningfulness.

The projection was split in three narrative parts:

1. Audio introduction to the tropical world, the rise and birth of the creatures

2. Experimental electronic ambient analog collage from JPE / Hervé Moire (FR),
3. A grand finale rhythmic dance to the song of Barrio lindo with "La Sombrita".Chapter II
La Procesíon
La Vallée, Brussels (Belgium)
May 2019